Everything has its merits and demerits and similarly, so does E-commerce. In this article, let us focus on five merits of E-commerce that would convince you why one should consider taking a step towards success by participating in E-commerce. The worldwide importance of E-commerce has been growing and is expected to keep doing so. Let us now begin by discussing five of the reasons behind its success.

5 Merits of E-commerce

1. It keeps the potential of 24/7 income.

 E-commerce, usually, is referred to online shopping websites or applications. The usual physical stores are open for a certain amount of time of the day. These physical stores usually limit the chances of the customer shopping to only the time that it stays open and the few stores that stay open 24/7 usually need workers for different shifts. Having an online business ensures that we are earning money even when we are sleeping. Now, who wouldn’t want to earn money while they are taking their mandatory rest? Isn’t that the dream after all?

2. International exposure.

The physical stores, for obvious reasons, are limited to the people in the area or the city. This is not the case for online business, as it is available to the customers all the time and all throughout the world where the internet is present.

3. Affordable employees.

No business can be completely performed by one single person; they always need at least one person in helping them create the pathway to success. Some people do believe that they, in fact, can perform all the jobs required to create a successful e-commerce business, completely on their own. But that is hardly possible.

Now, as E-commerce is something that one can do from anywhere in the world for any other place in the world, the person has the chance of hiring employees from far off countries where the cost of living is much lower. Although, one of the major advantages of E-commerce is, one doesn’t need anyone else’s help as they begin their e-commerce business. But as it works its way towards success, one person wouldn't be able to handle all the jobs and would require some assistant works.

4. Easier for the customer.

Think about it, one person has been working day and night at their job and come home to realize that Christmas is three days away and they have yet to buy presents for their family. Wouldn’t it be easier for him to go online and buy all the stuff he wishes to, from the online places and save himself the tiresome work of traveling to the physical store, converse with the store employees and do it fast because soon the store would reach its closing time?

Online shopping saves the person from traveling; communicating with store employees and also from the limited amount of time the store is opened. The person can even choose to shop late at night when all the shopping stores are guaranteed closed.

It also saves the customer from the guilt of getting out of the store after spending five to six hours in deciding what to buy, without buying anything at all. Now, for me, that is a big relief, it even ends up saving a lot of my money that I would have wasted in shopping to be away from embarrassment.

5. The online presence and the ensured success rate.

It is though, not compulsory that one has to only have a business online. There are many examples of people having physical stores that also have an online presence. This allows the store to showcase its products to places far from the store and let it gain exposure from cities and countries all over the world. This allows the store to increase its reach and gain more customers apart from the ones that do visit their physical stores. It is found out in many surveys that businesses that have an online presence showed a faster rate of success as compared to the businesses that do not have an online presence. It is facilitated with the time choice of the customer, reduction of traveling to the store itself and availability of more choices.

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