M-commerce can actually be called a subset of E-commerce. It can be considered as the use of mobile applications for business. The major requirements of M-commerce are mobiles,     Wi-Fi, and wireless devices and connections.


But Business can go for E-commerce the why M-commerce. Let’s see then what the advantages of M-commerce are:


The portability of M-commerce facilitates the easier carrying out of business transactions at any place any time. Such that a retailer can edit the details of his product or operate his mobile app even while following his morning routine.


As M-commerce does not require any device to be plugged in or load…just pick the mobile and start operating so it saves a lot of unnecessary loading time too.


M-commerce creates personalisation with customers for example as soon as a customer is looking for a product…at the same time. A retailer can send a notification to them for different varieties of the same product. So with that customers feel, they are in constant touch of retail and they trust their retailers more.


As retailers, as well as customers, have their mobile apps of banks and business apps on the same phone, they can conduct their payment transactions very easily and on time only.


Retailers can easily access their customers worldwide…before retailers only had brick and mortar stores and customers of only nearby places were able to buy products of the retailer but now a customer of any place worldwide can buy products from a retailer and access its products.


As and when customers access to the products of retailer on mobile apps, retailers get to know about it and can also send them ideas of different varieties of same product and customers can choose among them and can even leave good feedback after purchasing the product thus leaving a satisfied customer.


The retailers to operate their brick and mortar stores or conducting e-commerce transactions required a lot of costs but now in m-commerce, neither operating costs nor any operating costs are needed. All thanks to shapemyapp.com, all costs are reduced and now the whole business can be conducted in m-commerce at minimum costs.



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