ASO - App Search Optimization.

 ASO – It is the key to rank your app top in the App store. ASO is synonymous to SEO which enables the websites to rank top in the google search results. ASO strategies are to increase the visibility of the app. When the App is embodied with right ASO techniques it is sure to be visible in the top amongst the search results.

ASO -Need of the Hour:

  Approximately 350+ billion apps are anticipated to be downloaded in 2021 across all the App stores. More than 60% of the users try to get the app through searching in the App store because of which the need for ASO has become inevitable. Making the Users download your App is not easy to go, but following the right methods of ASO will rank the app in a better position.

        At this juncture, it is important to know the black hat which some of the App marketers follow to increase app visibility and downloads. Practicing fake downloads using bots to show the app is more significant, falsifying ratings and reviews, using the Brand name of a popular brand may be with slighter modification, etc. Google and Apple are continuously filtering the tactics adopted by Black hat marketers and has issued a severe warning against them.

trategies to improve the visibility of the App

Top Components of ASO strategy:

    Bringing to you briefly about the ways to improvise App Marketing through ASO

Keen Focus on Fundamental Elements of ASO: 

            The fundamental elements can broadly be classified as ON metadata and Off metadata factors. On-Metadata are the ones which the app developer has full control on them such as keyword, title, description, screenshots, etc. Off-Metadata are the ones involving user reviews, ratings and customer engagement which the developer has no control over it.


  • Keyword:  Keyword research should be done before fixing it. Knowing more the market and competitor’s position and their strategy is significant to outrank them and get quite a higher number of downloads. Long tail keywords help to cut off the competition and traffic and make them be listed for the user doing related queries. Google play store statistics reveal 70% of the search queries are long tail.
  • App Title and Description: The title is the most important factor in driving visibility. Including the keyword in the title improves visibility. Creating a bullet-pointed description listing the outstanding features of the app. Again description should also involve keywords in it.
  • App icon: Icon should be enticing which will provoke the users to click on it. Optimizing App icon has been one of the successful strategies. It should also be coherent with standards of App stores. For example, Android requires 512x512 pixels while IOS needs1024x1024 pixel resolution.
  • Screenshots: The screenshots are that appeals to the user after the app icon. High definitive clear and clutter free visualizing the objective and core features of the App is necessary. Screenshots have gained equal importance in persuading the customers to download the App.
  • Preview video: While making a preview video that has to be in a length of not more than 30 seconds, there should be a compelling answer for why the app should be downloaded.
  • User signals: Review and ratings are user flags that have a direct influence on the downloads. Review based downloads are increasing day by day. Building a positive review and possessing above average rating is essential for the sustainability of the app amongst the users.


Creating a target profile:

The primary objective of your app can be different and for the same reason, all users may not land at your app. There could be a wide variety of reasons. The study of the target profile is important to find the standard users. According to their preferences, the App can be further improvised tailoring their needs. This attracts more such type of Audience. The Target profile could be built considering age, gender, place of residence, socio-economical status, culture, etc.


App indexing:

With the concept of App indexing web world and app are not separate and they both can go hand in hand. When your app is indexed it enables the content to be exposed in web search and mobile searches.  In case if someone searches for the relevant content as mentioned in your app and if the app is already installed the app is directly opened. Indexing enables many of the app content to not go unnoticed.




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