Everyone has doubts when trying something new. So when we are talking about E-commerce and when someone is trying their hands on E-commerce one would wonder what all they might have to face in when in e-commerce. Let’s dig in some of the disadvantages that one might have to deal with after starting E-commerce and how they can deal with it.

demerits of ecommerce


1. The unavailability of physical products for inspection.

It is one of the biggest reasons many people deny buying products online, as they cannot inspect products that they wish to buy. Technology has traveled a long way and reached the highest of heights and still, it is not possible to touch, feel, smell the products that we wish to buy from across the screen. This is a reason that many buyers face trust issues over products.

2. Quality of products.

Buying any product requires the customer to choose from various options available and the choosing happens when we are presented with products and we can judge the difference in qualities. E-commerce doesn’t allow us to touch or feel the product or even see the products directly but only via a screen. Reviews are not always helpful to the customers and are not always true to the words. The reviews many a time even mislead the customer.

3. Impatience of delivery.

One of the best things about physical stores is the immediate arrival of the products in the hand of the customer. When one orders something online, they have to wait for the product to be packed then dispatched and then delivered. This at the time may even take an entire week or sometimes arrive the very next day but the customer feels impatient, especially when the business deal is of B2C type, in which the consumer is emotionally involved in the products they have ordered.

4. Issues of security.

When one is buying something from an online platform and needs to the product to be delivered at their doorstep, they are giving out their personal data like name, address, and phone numbers on the E-commerce site. Many times when ordering something, people prefer to pay online and for that one needs to provide with bank details. Many people are reluctant when it comes to giving out bank details fearing it the online site has a way or protecting the privacy of their customers and keeping their information away from prying eyes.

5. One cannot check the products.  

When consumers are buying products like clothes or shoes or accessories to some outfit, one person needs to be sure of the texture, the size, the right color, if it matches with other products they want to pair the new products with. Online shoppers will not be able to inspect products online and see if it fits them or their choice or not. Another minus point is that, unlike local shops, we cannot negotiate with the prize of the products based on the quality of the ordered products. Another major issue is the arrival of products. On many occasion, it happens that the product quality that is shown online isn’t what the actual product that arrives is like.

Every business has its own risks and problems but that shouldn’t stop us from aiming towards success, right? So let’s see what can be done for these limitations.


  • Give people a lot of information about the products.

This would allow the customer to know what exactly are they ordering and would leave very little to the imagination of the customer. Keep it honest and on point, so that you are not misleading the customer and not even leaving them having any doubts about the product.

  • Make returns easy.

Even after providing the correct, honest information, people might still make mistakes in ordering stuff that they might not find useful and might regret buying it. This issue can be removed with making the process of returning easy, this would make the customer trust that particular online shopping platform and would bring them back to the very site, simply based on trust and they would even recommend it to other people.

  • Make tracking of the delivery possible.

People are usually impatient after ordering something online and usually refrain from online shopping to relieve themselves of anxiety. This could be helped by providing the customers with a way to track their orders and contact the people responsible for delivering.

  • Make the platform secure.

They can develop some software that keeps the personal data of the customer safe from prying eyes and would also keep the customer’s devices free from any virus that can be resulted from the online platform.

When the limitations of E-commerce that are faced by customers are acknowledged and fought with the right tactics, the business is on the way to success.


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