With so many new ways coming in the market, every businessman wants to follow the trend in their business and emerge in market as top one in selling goods and if anyone doesn't follow the trend, they go into the downhill. That has been the policy of not just business but also every person every human being as well.

And with the coming of the internet, the way of conducting business has led to major divergence. No longer are there the days where people had to go to different shops to buy products, now everything is available mere a click away. And e-commerce and m-commerce are major 2-ways among the latest trend of business. E-commerce is conducting business through websites and m-commerce is doing it through mobile applications. Though they seem related but let me tell you, there are very much different.


So, let’s look into the differences :


E-commerce refers to buying and selling of goods and services through electronic systems such as the internet.

M-commerce refers to buying and selling of goods and services through the use of internet/cellular data via wireless handheld devices.


E-commerce emerged in 19710’s

M-commerce emerged in 1990’s.


Devices usually required in ecommerce are Computers and laptops.

But in M-commerce, wireless handheld devices are used like phones, I-pads, tablets etc.


Mobility in E-commerce is limited.

Whereas, devices in m-commerce are still easy to carry relatively compared to E-commerce.


Location tracking in e-commerce is limited as portability of devices in e-commerce is limited whereas, in M-commerce, Location Tracking can easily be done through GPS and WiFi.



The platform used for e-commerce is Webstores

But Platform for M-commerce can be Webstores (Mobile version or Web apps) or any type of apps.


Customization in e-commerce is difficult as it’s a very large broader platform as its users but in M-commerce, as it’s a personalised app for each and every individual, it can be personalised according to them.


More complicated functions are there in e-commerce but in m-commerce, all functions are simplified.


E-commerce is relatively cheaper.

But M-commerce is costly and that’s where shapemyapp.com comes into the picture to provide you with the best facility of your personalised apps in cost-effective prices.


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