DREAM is not what you see in sleep, DREAM is something which doesn’t let you sleep. – Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

It’s a Beautiful quote said by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam which portrays a very deep meaning. It means to dream with your open eyes, from the Depth of your soul.

Here Dreams means a passion for your goals and passion don’t let you think of anything else rather than your goals.

1.  DREAMING is a great thing

Dreaming is the best thing which a person can do to achieve something in their life. That is the first step towards achieving one's goal. Every person has a dream be it the world’s richest person or the poorest. But those who work for their dream are the ones who achieve.

Every person dreams to achieve something in their life. But they can only get it if they work hard enough and also smartly.


Hard work is important to achieve dreams in life. But today in the world of the Internet, smart work is also important just like hard work.

Smart work and hard work go hand in hand. We can’t deny the fact that we need to work hard and smartly to create a foundation for great achievements.

Smart work is really the need of the hour in the world of the internet. Working smartly is a basic need of a person to grow rapidly at a faster pace as it saves a lot of time. Doing smart work allows you to save time for other things. Smart work brings lots of recognition from society and allows you to grow more in this digital world.

3.  Smart work is the best solution

Less work, more revenues, improved goodwill & brand image, more customer satisfaction who doesn’t need all of this?

The only and the best way to achieve all this and to enhance business revenues is to do your work smartly rather than hardly using new techniques and ideas.

Most of the old companies and businessmen’s are running their business through hard work in a traditional way and are scared to follow new tactics and ways to upgrade the business which often involves risks and changes and stays not updated and then there are startups also who are running their business using techniques smartly through the internet and making it digital as they understand what this generation needs and work according to it.

In this growing world of digitalization smart work for growing business is much needed rather than the hard work. People are so lazy that they don’t want to go out for anything. 90% of the population is involved in online marketing.

 Everyone wants to shop sitting at their own pace using the Internet as it is the most convenient way. For people like this making business online is more of a need than a choice. Apps are what people look for these days. People need apps for everything today because opening an app is probably the easiest thing to do in this world.

Dreaming to become rich in this digital world just needs smart work of making business online through applications, websites, etc. With the passage of time, people have gone so far in the world of the internet that they try to do their small – small work through the internet for which businessmen’s need to opt for the smartest work to make their business online. Having an online presence of your business helps in maintaining brand image, goodwill of your company. It gives fame to your company or business.

ShapeMyApp” helps in fulfilling the dreams of the people as it helps you to make your business online. You can have your business profile’s online presence through it.

Great Platform with Pre-written codes

ShapeMyApp is a great opportunity for the businessmen’s to enhance their business digitally within seconds with lower cost as compared to the world. It is a platform that provides pre-written codes for making your own business application with your own brand name which helps in enhancing the goodwill of the company. Having a mobile application of your own business is a far better thing for the business than running it offline with a whole lot of employees, staff, etc. and spending much more money than earned.

It gives you accessibility to create your business app as and just the way you want it to be and you can publish whatever you want on the app moreover it keeps you updated with real-time updates, time- efficient, cost effective, etc. It is cost- effective, time- efficient, gives you real-time updates and also at a lower cost.

It is cost effective so that every company either its large scale or small scale can access up easily and be digitalized. It is helping people to expand the revenues digitally as it is providing the services which aren’t offering by anybody else in the market.


ShapeMyApp provides a wide range of features to its customers to grow revenues rapidly with its own mobile application.

Cost- effective Application

ShapeMyApp provides a lower cost price than the market.

Real-time updates.

It shows the real-time update of your customers, business on your dashboard.

Fast and quickest App and website

It takes only minutes to create your own mobile application using ShapeMyAPP.

Powerful App layout

It has a powerful layout which increases your probability to invite more and more customers with the best look of the application.

Fully customizable

You can design your application and how you want it to be. You can customize it according to your own wish.

Time – efficient

It is time efficient as it saves a lot of time for the customers. Everything is done online with a single touch on your smartphone.

If you can incorporate working hard and smart together, you will achieve great heights and lead yourself to a better life. One who works hard and smart will in due course of time procure all the benefits and rake in the golden opportunity to probably not work at all.

Grow your business to the new heights of e-commerce and m-commerce using ShapeMyApp!!




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