The basic difference between E-commerce and M-commerce is in its meaning. E-commerce is short for electronic commerce and is the activity of buying or selling products or services on online platforms. While M-commerce is short for Mobile commerce and refers to the process of E-commerce being done on a mobile app instead of websites searched on a laptop or a computer.

It is the two different ways of doing the very same thing, so what are the few of the things that are different between them? And why is M-commerce counted as the superior one? Read on to know.


E-commerce began its journey in the 1970s while M-commerce hatched in the 1990s.


E-commerce requires computers or laptops for the customer to search for the website of any commercial sites while M-commerce allows users to use a mobile device and apps of that business which makes the work more convenient and easier for the customer.


E-commerce has a limited reach because of the lack of its portability but m-commerce benefits here, because of being easily portable. The business is able to target more people by M-commerce as compared to E-commerce.

Portable transaction

E-commerce lets you undergo transaction only on the computer which means you are stuck at one single location and usually the steps taken are more, but same is not the case for M-commerce you allowed to do it while on the go with the help of a portable cellular device and has features that make the transactions easier and faster.

Payment options

E-commerce sites usually only lets you pay by using cards and in rare cases, Cash on Delivery. While that is not the case for M-commerce which allows the user to pay via apps made specifically for online payments. This mobile payments app even lets you pay in physical stores with easy processes such as QR code scanning etc.


E-commerce needs an internet connection to work but it is not always mandatory for M-commerce.


Like mentioned earlier, E-commerce usually lets customers pay by cards only. Customers are still a little reluctant to send their card details. The security capabilities of Mobile commerce are a little bit more extensive. Customers usually find it safer undergoing transactions on an app or via an app rather than on a website.

M-commerce may be counted as a superior but in the end, it is just the updated version of E-commerce and any M-commerce begins with E-commerce as a first step. M-commerce is simply the updated concept of E-commerce.


E-commerce is how a business begins but to grow further they have to plan to start working on an M-commerce platform. That is when sites like shape apps come in handy. Shape my app is a mobile design app tool that lets us create an app for our ideas. It is easy to use and provides full-time assistance. One need not know much about coding to be able to create an app when using shape my app. With the fulltime assistance of the team, anyone can make an app for their business.


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