How would you build your empire if you have zero knowledge in business? Well, if you don't have the answer to this question, we are here to help you out with this.

For some people, having a business of their own might sound appealing and attractive. There could be hundreds of reasons for that, like- the boss of own will, own routine, amazing people around and many more. But the thing that people do not remember is that it is not that much easy as it sounds. It might seem easy to you, but in reality, it isn't.


According to research, 99% of the start-ups, that are new, fail within their arrival of 10 months into the market. The most basic and obvious reason behind these failures was that most of the entrepreneurs stared with their business unprepared and with zero knowledge about business tactics. 

So the question here arises, what could be then done to run a successful business? Well, the answer is just here:

The Right Idea

Merely jumping with a business idea is not enough for your success. If you want to survive in this competitive industry, where there is cut-throat competition, then you need to determine what sets you apart from the other businesses! But always remember, your customers would not always be wooed by your clever marketing, you need to offer them new experience at each and every level.

Money, Money, and Money

Many people argue that for a successful business you need the right strategy. Well, true! But with that, you also require a huge amount of capital. But the most important thing you must learn is how to use your money properly. 


"Timing, perseverance and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success'- Biz Stone

Your mindset will be the base of your business. For a good business, a good mindset is essential. Your perception is the only thing that can shape your future. It depends on you how you perceive the things around you. Before starting your business you must answer two basic questions- 

1) Why am I starting this business?

2) What is the primary aim of my business?

Your success or failure depends on these two questions. Most of the people will answer that their aim is to make fast money. Well, true to some extent, business is a good way to make enough money. But your aim should always be the satisfaction of the customer.

Team Work

If you are an artist, you can become successful on your own but while establishing a successful business you need a great team. A team here does not mean employees and all, but those who will develop tactics and strategies for your business. You need to be extremely careful while selecting your teammates. Test them on various grounds then appoint them.

The Right Time

An irrational and non-sense decision can ruin your business in a second. For that, you must take care of good execution. And for the better execution, you need the best time. Time can be your best friend or biggest foe. Take care when you announce your innovations. There is decided the time for everything in this world.


So, these are some most basic factors that contribute to the success of a business. So, before starting your business, must consider these factors.

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