According to statistics, Mobile e-commerce growth is exponential and it  contributes to 67.2 % in this year which was 52% in 2016

For the business who have not considered a mobile app, it is high time that must be done. Launching a retail app is a different context compared to a desktop website.  Inducing the person to download the app and keeping it is a little harder compared to making them visit the retail site.

For buyers, purchasing through gives Accomplishment feel, lets them buy on the go, use their mobile wallet. They consider an App as a place to Enter, quickly finish the task and leave. The retail app experience is the key to make people visit again or spread a word. 

Features that make a retail app stand out

Below are some of the essential features to make a Retail App stand out in the crowd

Easy Navigation, Good UX:

UX is user experience which is the most important factor taken into consideration while designing the apps. UX is about the look and feel, that is how does the app look and function. Some apps should be used internationally in which case careful concise design is a must. It is a challenge where all kind of people across countries use compelling navigation to be frictionless. Consider the Retail service apps, OLA, and UBER where even a common man can book a ride which is a key to their popularity. An app with great UX quotient is likely to get uninstalled less. Higher UX quotient can be achieved by some of these steps.

  • Navigation is intuitive, Providing the right information at the right point till the end is a must.
  • Have a lesser number of steps to reach the endpoint.
  • Action based buttons. Instead of having the title as "submit" on the button, the action such as “request a cab”, “pay now”, “order” etc. can be mentioned.
  • Animated interactions are on the trend. Just like showing the swipe left action along with text instruction. It improves usability.
  • Placing of buttons should be considered holding the mobile in our hand. Everything must be within the reach of the thumb.

Effective use of Push Notification:

Push Notifications are one of the best features which when used optimally can gain customer attention for a longer period of time. Notifications should not be sent in an annoying manner. It can be based on

  • Past search history
  • Personal occasions for both personal and closed ones based on the details received.
  • Personalized offers gain much momentum than overall offers.


Quick registration:

The registration process can be simply getting the very much essential information and set of the password. After registering other details can be entered in Account. Too many details on the registration page is definitely a hassle.

Effective order tracking process:

 The customers should not be left behind just after the order is placed. The orders should be tracked and notifications have to be sent. Apart from that, receiving the complaints in a timely manner and answering the queries appropriately, receiving feedback from the customer contribute to an effective management system.

Easy payment method:

Digital payment is one of the factors that ease online shopping. The payment method which is more reliable, easy, quick attracts more customers. Integrating Payment API to the mobile app is the best possible method through a small business can rely on the popular and secure ones such as Google pay, PayPal, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Evolving new payment methods like Mobile wallets, Loyalty points payment, Gift cards, prepaid cards, etc. is also digitizing, easing and helping the retailers reimage the way they transact with customers.





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