Significance of Internet

The Internet is a significant, important and growing portion of global GDP.

 Internet-related revenues and expenditure can be measured as a sector, as they are bigger than agriculture or energy.

Internet as a growth opportunity

A project that has the possibility to grow outstandingly, leading to a profit for the investors. New projects and changes are often offered to potential investors as growth opportunities.

Online business

There’s no need to run the entire business over the internet to enjoy the benefits of online business opportunities. Small businesses can also have an online presence. They might only need an application of their business or an email address to communicate with their clients, customers, and suppliers electronically. Other businesses might use their website to conduct their entire business online. But to start with the Internet an application is also a very big platform.

Benefits of online business

Making business online gives a lot of benefits to the businessmen’s as well as to the customers. It provides global access and 24/7 services to the customers via the internet. It increases professionalism, gives faster delivery of products, less paper waste, reduces expenses for a physical store/ shop, employees, staff. It gives an opportunity to manage the business from anywhere in the world.

Going online in this world of the internet is a matter of need rather than a choice. 90% of the population is involved in online marketing. Everybody shops almost everything on the internet. Nobody wants to go out for anything whether it’s food, clothing, grocery, etc. Everyone wants to shop sitting at their own pace without going out using the Internet as it is the most convenient way. And everything is available also on the internet with lots of competition.

Shopping via the internet

Shopping online through the internet is the most convenient way of shopping and people love doing that. Customers preferences have been changed with the passage of time, earlier customers used to go out shopping with their friends and family but nowadays they don’t have much time to go out and shop. Even for the small- small things they choose the internet over going out and shop.

Customer Preference

Businessmen’s must understand their customer’s preferences and should work accordingly to grow in this competitive world. The scenario must be changed. The old, traditional and offline method of running the business must be changed to an online mode using the internet. One must work smartly rather than sitting in one place and waiting for the customer to come.

There are many resources present in this world every time, everywhere, it takes the right person with the right intention to grab it for a better tomorrow.

One must understand what is right and what is wrong for their business.

Traditional way v/s Modern ways

There are businessmen’s who still run their business in a traditional way using offline methods, sitting in the shop waiting for the customers to come with all the hustles. They are scared of all the ideas, innovations to change their business model as they have no idea about an online presence. They must undergo the change of transforming their business from the offline mode of running the business to online mode.

Making business online as it is one of the most important things which a businessman can provide for his business. Having your own web site, email address, an application can help the business to grow on the internet. Through these, people can know all about your brand name, what your business is all about, also helps in maintaining the goodwill.

ShapeMyApp as a resource

ShapeMyApp works as an important resource in this world of internet for the businessmen’s. It helps you to provide an online presence of your business at affordable prices. It provides you a platform using which you can make your own business application of your own brand name. Whether a small scale or large scale, all types of businessmen’s can opt for this platform as it provides the best of features.


It provides a lot of features to you at cheap prices as compared to the market which helps the businessmen’s to opt for it rather than any other company.

ShapeMyApp helps you to create a mobile application of your own business name. They can give you an application within 5minutes.

ShapeMyApp Features


    1. Cost-effective

It is cost-effective as it costs lower than the market. It provides you an application of your own brand name at the fewer prices than the market.

       2. Time-efficient

Everything happens online using the internet which is time-efficient, it takes seconds on the internet to do any work.

       3. Best layout

It provides a customizable application with a powerful and attractive layout that attracts the customers at its best.

      4. Creates and maintain Goodwill & Brand Image of the company

It helps in creating a brand image and maintain goodwill on social media at a lower cost than the market which helps the customers to know about your brand or business.

      5. Real-time data

It provides real-time updates of the clients, customers, business on the customized dashboard provided to the businessmen’s.

      6. 24/7 Availability

Available for all the queries all the time using the internet.

      7. Professionalism

It increases professionalism.  

       8. Customer support services

It provides the best customers to support service to build the trust of the customers so that they can invest with us and can have a better future of their business.

To grow in this online world one must show the true picture of their business in front of the customers so that they can trust you and join your organization.


Nowadays making an online presence of your business is as important as taking food and water for human beings and it has become easier for potential customers come to you as they curiously want their business to go online. ShapeMyApp can help you to give your business an online presence and to grow the sales and revenues.


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