This article will help you to be known with the advantages of having an app for your grocery business as well as exploring some of the new ideas to engage your customers digitally. The study says the top cities that are using grocery App in an extensive manner are Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai and it is growing in a rapid manner.


Key Features for a better Grocery App:

  A Grocery App definitely boosts sales if launched in an effective manner. Below are the key strategies that will make the app revolute your business.

Attractive Images: The product should have attractive images of products with good description mentioned. The brand name of the product should be clearly visible on the image as many of them tend to pick the wrong ones instead of the intended ones. Giving importance to minute details in the app improves the shopping experience indirectly contributing to effective customer engagement and increased sales.  

Effective combo offers: Try running combo offer sale often as they are sure to win. Apart from the brand combo offer which will itself attract customers with its brand name, the store run combo offer will interest the customers a lot. App only combo offers are good to start with the launch of the App.

Prompt delivery process:  Delivery process is the one to be given utmost importance. In the case of vegetables, all customers want it fresh. Prompt delivery within the expected time will definitely satisfy the customer. You can facilitate it even better with App with an effective order tracking process. If it is on a small scale, the delivery person mobile number can be notified to the customer


 With online shopping growing, people spend most of the time shopping. Personalized push notifications based on purchase history or new items on the store can be sent regarding groceries which would not only boost the sales but would engage the customer also.


Categorization: For a grocery shop app it is a must to have a good categorization of the products. A person should not get lost when looking down on the aisle of products. Proper categorization and the way they came through should be clearly mentioned for an exclusive shopping experience.

Grocery app

New Ideas to freshen your Grocery App:

Suggestions for a new product:  Well, digging on the difference between a supermarket or hypermarket and grocery App, the first thing is visual temptation to buy. We will always buy some other extra things other than those mentioned in the list. But in the case of online shopping, most people tend to buy known products or monthly shopping products. Just try always to remove the difference between the physical and virtual store as the end result is always the sales and satisfying customer experience. Let them be suggested with new ideas or new arrivals or newer brands and the respective customer reviews popping.

Monthly products already added to cart: The Grocery App can facilitate them to add a basic shopping list always added to the cart where they increase or decrease on the quantity alone. This may rather sound too lazy for some but it is a time savvy facilitating working people.

Popular recipes with the chosen product: On the Product page either a link to popular recipe or quick easy one line or two crisp reci[pie can also interest customers.

Thus, Grocery App is an emerging business and do not wait too long to launch. Shapemyapp as a team is always here to help you with it. Our Expert team will effectively guide throughout the process giving still more ideas.


If you are just a small scale grocery shop owner but still want to go with the digitization of your business then you are here in the right place. Shapemyapp offers the right solution for your business needs. You can always design your own app based on the needs and our expert team will always be there to guide you through the journey.

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