ShapeMyApp is now helping entrepreneurs in increasing their sales and revenues.


Our mission is to make a complete world digital. We provide easy to use the platform to all entrepreneurs so that they get their online presence by creating their own branded mobile apps as well as websites.

Here's how:

Have your business revenues gone down?

Looking for a solution to increase your business sales?

While it's true that many entrepreneurs are searching for the solution, but that's also the #1 reason why many of them are struggling and unable to give their customers the comfort levels which they are expecting and hence their competitors are getting leverage to increase their sales and their revenues.

.. you find it hard to sell your products to your customers as the technology has gone vast..

How about you take a step backward, and really study those entrepreneurs who are making millions of rupees in revenues?

They all have one common thing:

They are able to provide convenience to their customers and deliver their products/services to their customers with their customer's ease.

But what's the result?

The customers get attracted to the products/services and continue their purchases with them moving forward and they buy whatever has been offered!

If this is what you want, you're one lucky bird today.

Introducing a quick solution for you wherein you can take your business online in just 5 minutes - ShapeMyApp

With ShapeMyApp, you'll get your own mobile app with your business name and can start increasing your revenues in 7-10 days...even if you have no idea about coding for mobile apps!

More than 10,000 entrepreneurs have taken advantage of our services and have made millions of rupees in revenue.

Services: Mobile Apps, Websites, CRM for client management, Inventory Management Tool, Sales Management Tool, Finances Management Tool and lots more.

We are providing all the above services starting at just Rs. 999/-.


Chat with us to know more!

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