All sorts of online shopping and even during shopping in physical stores, payments are being made more and more by the use of mobile payments app. It has become more convenient for many people to pay by using such apps instead of paying by cash. This is not only because of the popularity of going cashless and also because it saves the person from having to keep loose cash or wait for the extra amount back.


But many people hesitate in using such mobile apps simply because they think it is not secure and worry that using it might mean they are risking the money in their account. One also cannot refuse to pay via such methods. Thus what are the few things one can do to ensure they undergo safe and secure transactions? Read on to know some of such tricks.


The first requirement for paying via such means is the availability of an app in the mobile that allows mobile payments. One must remember to use a trustworthy source to download this app. If they download it from a not so trustworthy source, they are not only inviting viruses in their phones but might also be a paving a very comfortable road for hackers. So, one must remember to use trustworthy stores provided by their phones such as play store or Appstore and download it from such places which would lead them one step closer to safe and secure payment.


The place where you download from is important, but so is important to choose an app that is known and has good reviews and ratings given by users who have used it before us. One must read more than a few reviews to be able to judge the mobile app properly.


One can increase the security of such transactions by protecting the phone by keeping a password, pin or another sort of lock on the phone. In cases when and if someone loses their phone, the phone and thus the payment app would still be protected because of the lock on it.


Most of the time, hacking is made possible by making the IP address known to the hacker. They can be aware of this address when the user is using a connection that is not secure. Using wi-fi connection in airports or local stations would threaten the phone and thus the app. One can move further towards secure transactions by making sure they use a connection that is secure and wouldn’t be used to track their IP address and gain other information.


If one comes across any suspicious activity while browsing or transactions, they must report it the very minute and let the app look behind it and work to protect and remove whatever the issue might be.

There is no way one can ever be sure of being free from viruses or hackers, but one can take these smalls steps to be a little towards the safe and secure side of mobile payments.

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