Mobile apps help the business in growing by making it easier and faster for the customer. With features like push notification and allowing the customer to browse from their personalized content, Mobile apps help in increasing the sales and providing the customers with a better and faster experience.

Thus more and more business is considering having a mobile app to increase their sales. So let us take a look at the top five features that a mobile commerce app requires to be successful?

1. Push notification.

Web sites and many apps usually use the mail as a means of communication between the customer and the business. This doesn’t always end up being useful to the customer as people hardly keep a regular basis check on their emails but keep on checking their phone notification almost every hour. So push notification allows the business to have direct contact with the customer. But the business must refrain from sending too many push notification or else it would create annoyance. And also, they must allow the users to choose if they wish to receive push notifications or not.

2. Options for payment.

As it is an app for a business, payment is one of the steps that take place. The business and thus the app should provide the users with an option for payment. There are many payment apps available and almost everyone uses one or the other app but there is no one app that is used by everyone and thus users must be given options to choose from. And they must also be given alternatives to payment apps, like net banking, using credit cards, etc. Providing customers with the freedom to choose how they want to pay gives them a better experience and also keeps them loyal.

3. Customer service.

Not all customers would be satisfied with the app and would have questions to ask and need help or have complaints. Allowing the customer to state their feedback, good or bad, wouldn’t only provide satisfaction to the customer but would also tell where the app needs improvement.

4. Keep the app bug-free and fast.

If the mobile app crashes constantly or has a lot of glitches, no one has enough patience to keep up with such an application. It would frustrate the user and be a threat to their loyalty to the app or the business. The business would lose customers simply because their mobile app has glitches in it. Nobody’s app is perfect but there is always room for improvement. To solve this issue the application can come up with new and regular updates that keep the app bug free and provide the customer with a better experience.

5. Personalized content.

One of the best features of an application that usually is the reason behind the success of M-commerce is providing the customer with personalized content. These applications must have the feature of tracking the user’s preferences and choices, after all, everyone has different choices. With the details they fill with themselves at the initial stage of making an account would help the business in gaining insight into what trend they might be into, considering their location and their generation.


These are some of the features that would make the mobile app success and help the company in increasing the revenue and also it is a great way of marketing.


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