On every step of life you take towards your dream, it becomes hard. Whatever it is that you want, it won’t be possible unless you work for it and commit yourself to it. What does commitment really mean?

Commitment means to go ALL IN. If you are up and ready for it, be prepared for the battles of life. Life is a battle where you will fight with every phase of your life. Listen to me out here, life isn’t sunshine and rainbows, sometimes you get low and you’re tested by the world to get up. You need to flip back the odds and get past all the failures and rise. Commitment to your work will get you to your goals, where you need to always remember “WHY YOU STARTED?”

In the business world, ups and downs are like the middle name. You will have to bear the loses and you’ll gain profit if you are consistent. Commitment to your work and maintaining the level of consistency to only keep going and always dreaming of getting forward will help you achieve success.

Commitment towards your goal is the act of having a true passion for what you want to do. The business you built and being committed to making it better every single day. The best way to establish commitment is to set daily goals for yourself. This will give you a drive for everyday challenges that you face in the world of business. You dream about reaching heights and yet you don’t want to work for it. You need to balance it. You need to have a mindset where even if you’re unhappy with results today, you need to have the sense of belief that it will happen and you need to keep going.


With commitment comes the factor of being aware.

Know this straight, your minds need to be analytical and sharp enough to understand how much commitment your business needs to grow. Building a million dollar company isn’t an easy job but it is POSSIBLE. Awareness will help you to evaluate your business and know your strengths and weakness. Being aware refers to know that you might not always win or dominate the business world but you are still willing to keep going because you believe in your goals and the ones who believe in their goals, never lose.

If you are a businessman looking to compete in the world where there are end number of the organization like yours beating themselves up every single day to cope up. You need to be willing enough to take the risk and go all in.

 Let me elaborate you the four cornerstones of commitment.

 Anthony Mendes in his work “Inspiring commitment”(1996), identified four basic cornerstones that one needs to know about.

1) Vision: For being committed to your work, you need to have a vision. An eye to your goal. You need to ask yourself every single day, ‘What do I really want?’

2) Insight: The ability to know yourself and apply the self-knowledge will allow you to be committed to your work.

3) Acceptance of change: The ability to accept the change and keep up with the things that are in your control.

4) Integration: Combining your values, thoughts, and actions into the commitment process.

“Acceptance of change”, This is what is happening in the world of business. Trends have changed, Technology is advanced now and everyone is converting their business heads into “E-commerce”

How will this help your business?

You live in a world where customer’s demand is only rising and you need to provide the facility to cope up. Applications, website portals, and online transactions are taking over. This is where our company, www.shapemyapp.com took an initiative to hire professional software developers and with the goal to develop a website which will allow people to develop an application without having knowledge of coding. We help organizations and people who want to convert their dreams into reality. Visit our website, www.shapemyapp.com now and develop your application.

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