How much it is beneficial to sell online these days

Since a decade E-commerce Revolution has happened. Like the Blue Revolution, green revolution this is the time of real digital revolution especially in the field of online selling. Nowadays When we think of money the image that comes to our mind is the digital figures and not the image of real cash. Of course, the Smartphone plays a major role in the revolution. Buy on the go is possible only through smartphones.  Many apps have evolved to be a virtual wallet using which money can be paid still more easily.

Seller Benefits:



 Anyone can sell online. The person who devises the right strategy for their whole selling process becomes successful.

Some of the reasons why it is beneficial to sell online:

 Zero maintenance cost:

When we sell online, a physical place is not needed. Therefore, there is no need to pay for electricity, the wage for office staffs and all other maintenance costs. A small place can be hired to keep the inventory alone.

Higher Margin:

The cut down on maintenance cost lets the seller keep a little higher margin on the selling product than that of the price that can be kept in a physical store. Even if Little higher margin is kept selling value can be lesser than a physical shop.

Wider Customer Base:

 Leading E-commerce giants have given a big platform for sellers. The market place is the newer trend where buyers meet sellers at the same place. Even a small scale seller has big visibility for his products letting the seller open a shop with absolutely zero investment. The Online environment is completely different from a physically built store. The right education on search engine optimization and understanding concepts of Google Analytics makes the seller be on a higher end in the market. Performing Market research about the customers on the basis of their culture, buying habits, region, etc. should be done for the sale to be on top gear. Targeted advertising can be done to the existing customer. Advertising costs online are relatively cheaper compared to other processes.

 24/7 Business Maintenance:

Oh Yeah!  There are no opening and closing hours for an online store. The store is available always and visible across all time zones in the world. The sales don't stop even when you are on travel or on a vacation.

Use of any channel:

Sometimes there's no need to own even a website. Just a WhatsApp group can be increasingly used for selling to customers. Wholesalers and resellers especially in the clothing segment either broadcast or form a group with their contacts to sell their products. Many Resellers try to find the manufacturer directly and keep the optimum margin to sell their products effectively. The commodities directly arrive at the end customer place directly from the manufacturer. Stay at home women effectively play the business and here is an article about it. Women Entrepreneurship and hence Women Empowerment is absolutely possible to all classes of society.

Shopper Benefits:

Let us also take a closer look at the shopper benefits that boost the seller to sell more,

Easy purchase, Reduces commute:

 There is no hassle of driving to your favourite store in the huge traffic and pollution.  Purchase can be done either on the go or in a relaxing mode avoiding the crowd in the shop.

Choose the best across stores, Compare price:

The travel time for different shops can be effectively used to search the best across various stores. Wide options are shown for shoppers when searching for a particular product. The same product is sold by multiple sellers in the online marketplace and the buyer can easily choose amongst them in the same screen. Price comparison with other online stores is simplified by many apps. With these apps, we can get the best deal out.

Lesser price and Easy payment:

As already stated the price in the online store will be lesser which prompts the buyer to go more for online shopping. Even Leading fashion stores give more offers in online compared to their outlets. Also, these days Payment using Net banking, Paytm have become a cake walk for buyers.

Review based shopping:

Most buyers read reviews before shopping. Reviews are so influential that they drive the buyer to choose the right one which indirectly encourages the seller to sell top quality products. Not all satisfied customer write reviews but a dissatisfied customer writes bad reviews based on which others decide.

                 Now, Both seller and shopper benefits are enormous which would definitely flourish the E-commerce industry.

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