In today’s world mostly everyone is on their phone using the internet or other applications. Nobody wants to go out for anything whether it’s food, clothing, grocery, etc. Everyone wants to shop sitting at their own pace without going out using the Internet as it is the most convenient way.

Almost everything in this world sells online through social media, websites, apps, etc. Taking business online in today’s world is more of a need than a choice. Every large scale industry you see has a successful online presence. Online business gives you a chance to provide better service to the clients and allow you to solve their problems easily. You can stay connected to the clients/customers in a very easy way. Most of the public is present on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. when your business has an online presence you can easily promote your business on these platforms where you can get a huge public to look forward to your business.

How M-commerce can help you?

M-commerce refers to buying or selling of goods through a mobile application. Business applications are one of the effective ways of increasing revenues.  Owning a mobile application allows building a chain between you and customer which can increase the sale as well as the credibility of the company. You can give the best and different services to your customers from others depending on what kind of business you own. Apps are what people look for these days. People need apps for everything today because opening an app is probably the easiest thing to do in this world. That’s the magic of having your own app, your whole collections whole market of your business comes in front of the eyes of the customer with one tap. Through that app itself customers can buy from you, can be in touch with you, can give you feedback in real time, and can give you suggestions everything which is a bit difficult in offline business. It can be managed very easily in online business.

Maintaining goodwill

Owning a business app can also improve the company’s goodwill and that will happen if your app is customized and attractive. Still, there are some small scale companies who still don’t own a business application and you can beat them after owning an application.


Introducing ShapeMyApp

ShapeMyApp is a platform that can provide your business to maintain an application of its own brand name. We provide you so many facilities at a very less cost compared to the other platforms.

We give you accessibility to create your business app as you want just the way you want it to be and you can publish whatever you want on the app moreover we keep you updated with real-time updates.

We are cost effective so that every company either its large scale or small scale can access up easily and be digitalized. Moreover, ShapeMyApp has a very easy layout and is a user-friendly app that can be used by any person without any technical support. And through our app, you can take your business to new heights through E-commerce and M-commerce.

ShapeMyApp is helping people to expand the revenues digitally as it is providing the services which aren’t offering by anybody else in the market.

A Great Platform

We are providing a great platform for the businessman’s whether they have a large scale business or small scale business.

ShapeMyApp is a platform on which you can expand your business digitally. We can easily shift our business from offline mode to online mode which automatically helps in increasing revenues. Online shopping is rising rapidly with great speed.

Easy App Builder

ShapeMyApp is a very powerful, easy to use and user-friendly application builder that can easily build mobile applications very effortlessly for android.

You can make any type of application with this application builder whether it is educational¸ shopping¸ travel, website designed, etc. This application builder has an easy to use user-interface for everyone.

Pre-written codes available

It is an application builder that has pre-written codes with the help of which a non-technical and layman can also make their apps easily on their own.

This application makes your shop’s or business’s websites and nowadays websites are the best ways to promote your business.

Creates Brand Image

It provides a brand image and brand name on social media at a lower cost than the market which helps the customers to know about your brand.

All in one Dashboard

This application provides a Dashboard on which businessmen’s can make their own application for their shop or business, they can put their products in the applications according to their color, sizes, category, etc. and can design the application as and how you want it to be. They can put their prices according to them and also the delivery charges.

Stock Management

They can maintain stocks digitally. The delivering options, a product option, etc. can be set by the shopkeepers itself. It shows all the details about the customers, stock, etc. which helps in making the business easy.

It is a progressive application which helps in increasing revenues.

Cost Effective App

It is a cost-effective and fully customizable application that has a powerful layout that attracts the customer’s a lot. This application shows the real-time update of your customer as well as the product.

It’s a very big platform that can make your business actually grow at a rapid speed.

Time Efficient App

It is time-efficient as it doesn’t require the salesperson to sit in one place and sell the products or the customers to come to the shop and buy the products. People can order anything from anywhere at any point in time.

Online Payments are available

Online/ Mobile Payments are growing at a faster rate and are expected to continue which helps the shopkeepers to maintain their accounts and also helps in increasing revenue. This application subscription is available for monthly as well as annual basis.


ShapeMyapp is a great platform that helps you to grow your revenues rapidly in this world of the Internet by making your own application in your own brand name.




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