What drives you is the answer to what you really want in life and how badly you want it.

Let’s talk about something real here, we all have the same potential. The only difference is some of us choose to accept normalcy or some of us choose to never accept normalcy and keep running for their dreams. Which one are you?

Are you the kind of person who likes to sit in a 9-5 job and is happy? If yes, you’re going good. But if you aren’t happy, it all needs to change right away. You need to change your routine to get back up. Listen to me out here, for getting what you want in life, it takes years of practice, patience, and continuous hard work. Life isn’t sunshine and rainbows as you dream it. It gets hard and you’ll be tested every moment, but what matters is how you deal with it. Do you bail or do you fight?

The ones who fight the battles of life and are able to manage the chase irrespective of how many times they have knocked down by life, they know the real value of money.

The real problem is we compare ourselves and yet we don’t anything about it.

We compare ourselves with successful people and think that they are the selected ones and say, ‘ they just happen to got lucky with the business.’

EVAN WILLIAMS, Before co-founding Twitter, Williams (pictured above) developed a podcasting platform called Odeo. But the platform didn’t take off, in part because Apple announced the podcast section of the iTunes store shortly after the company launched. It folded shortly afterward.

The problem is we want our dreams to become true as we dreamt about it when we were little but what we didn’t realize that there are millions of people with the same dreams. How are you gonna compete in the market if you have no plan?

Listen to me out, anything is possible when you start working. When you start to realize that you need to put the effort required to reach the level you want to. When you start disciplining yourself and stop looking for excuses every time life gets hard on you. The fortunate part is you know where you’re lacking and you know your weakness, you only need a push in life to get your dreams going.


In the business world, the competition level is too high and if you want to compete in the world of business, you need to buckle up and be ready for the failures, sacrificed to find your road to success.

People who are successful and are living the life of their dreams know how badly they wanted to convert their dreams into reality.

Likewise, our company www.shapemyapp.com has successfully created a website portal for all those people around who want to create something out of life. Here, you can cope up with the trend and the competition by developing an application for your business and take it to the next level.

Always remember, a true hunter needs no alarm clock to wake up. Passion is his alarm clock. Wake up and get going.                    

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