You need to know that if you want to be at the top level, you need to outwork the average. You need to have a strong mindset to beat your competition. Know this straight, whatever you do in life, it all starts with your ‘mind’ which helps you to develop an idea and then your dedication towards your work will be the results you get. If you are sitting and only thinking about it, it won’t get you anywhere. Let me put a few facts and open your eyes wide open.


1- According to research from Thomas Crowley, 85% of self-made millionaires read two-three books per month.

2- A millionaire creates multiple streams of income to generate revenue.

3- Most of the millionaires run on a monthly written budget.

4- NextDesk director Dan Lee wakes up and starts his day at 3:30 a.m.

Why did I choose 4 different facts to justify my point?

If you think about it, all of the facts are related to domination. They are reading, creating multiple streams to generate income, making a monthly budget and waking up early to DOMINATE the business.


If you google the world, Dominate, it will tell you “Having power or influence over”. Well, if you think about it. It’s absolutely related to the world of business where you are competing with everyone to get on the top. But what needs to be done to stay and maintain the level? You need to dominate. You need to surround yourself with people and create a team. Your team should be able to perform the task and make plans which will help your business stay on the top.

You can’t afford to fit in with the average and expect greatness. If you’re a person who is content with whatever money you’re making, you’re not a true businessman. Fact is 85% of the employees don’t like their job and they still are doing and you’re not one of those, and you still want to remain satisfied. You need to know when you are getting in the world of business, you need to set your mind straight to always dominate and crush your competition. You need to work on your plans every single day.

The four facts that I talked about explains the mindset of the millionaires and how they start their day. You need to know that not being discipline and saying “It is okay” will get you nowhere. That only means you have accepted normalcy and you don’t have enough courage to break the odds.

I always quote Sir Eric Thomas, “The bigger the dream, the harder you are gonna have to work.” It’s simple and straight. You can’t enter the business world with the average mindset. You need to know that the beauty of business lies in the process and to always keep going.


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