Whether you are going to open a small shop or a corporate, business planning is all that can make you successful. A good business has a lot of components that ultimately contribute to your triumphs and victorious business. The most important part of a business is to tell people why your business is different from others. This is where you make a difference and strike a good deal. Because today no matter how good your business is if it's not unique it is not valuable.

Let us here look at the major components of business planning:

Executive Summary

This is the first component of business planning. Under this component, you need to mention the aim and accomplishments of your company. Basically, it is a summary of your company. Generally, a good executive summary contains the company's aim with short product and services description. Some people also suggest including the motive behind the startup and experience of the owner.

Company Description

This is the second step. Under the company's description, you should always include the main information about your company. It is a good idea to also mention the goals that your company wishes to serve or accomplish. As mentioned earlier, you should never fail to tell people why your business stands out of the crowd. 

Marketing Plan

Marketing is all about your convincing skills. Under this, you need to bring your customers onboard and describe them the potential and uniqueness of your product. Basically, it is called the promotion of the business. For that, you will always require a good strategy along with a good budget.

Competitive Analysis

A good business plan always represents the juxtaposition of your business to your rival business. You need to show the weakness of your competitors. And most importantly, you must know the areas where they perform better than you. And you should always try to devote your major time towards that respective area. Because you cannot let your rival go ahead!

Information about Product and Services

As discussed above the executive summary of your business plan should also include descriptions of your products and services. But in case, if you feel that you have not incorporated much information about your products and services, then you can devote a separate section to it as well. It will be a good thought to create a separate section for your products so that the users can know what you are exactly willing to sell. It will help in providing relevant and useful information to the visitors. Another thing to add up is the supplier. It would be great if you could add the estimated amount of your product.


So, these were some of the major components of a good business plan. But it does not mean that the chain of a good business plan has ended here. No, there are a lot of other components related to this purpose such as sales strategy, market analysis, financial projections and many more. So never forget to consider these things while you are going to have a business, especially if you are a newbie in the town.

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