Transforming your offline business online is a great way of expanding revenues and coming up with the digitally grown-up world. E-commerce and M-commerce is a great platform to work on to expand the revenues in a world where some people are still involved in the traditional way of running the business.

Change is necessary

Change is a matter of need rather than a choice in this world. Change is necessary for every situation for everyone. Everybody out there is changing themselves with the generation in every field but some businessmen’s are still running their business offline using traditional way as they are scared to follow new and different tactics, ideas and ways to upgrade the business but they must understand that change is a good option for their business. Changing their way of running a business from offline to online using modern technologies is the best thing they can do for their business. There are many old companies, businesses and also new startups, they have started their business from offline to online to expand the revenues as they all understand the needs of their customers.


Consumer preferences have changed a lot with the passage of time and generation. Earlier people used to go to the market with their friends and family and choose what they want and what not but now 90% of the population doesn’t have time to go to the market and shop. Everyone is busy in their work, they only get one or two days holiday from work which they spend sitting in one place with their family and rest, nobody wants to go out so people like them e-commerce and m-commerce is the only solution left. And to target these 90% population one needs to transform their business from an offline setup to an online setup using e-commerce and m-commerce.

Smart work is important

People must understand the need for smart work in addition to the hard work. Smart work and hard work both go hand in hand for the successful and better tomorrow in a corporate world. Transforming business online is a smart work rather than running it offline with lots of hard work of setting up a physical store, staff, employees, etc. Online business also requires some hard work but we can do that hard work smartly at sitting at one place using the internet and mobile.

World of competitors

There is so much competition in this digitalized world, everything is available at any time to the customers at doorsteps. They just need to click on websites or mobile applications. And to cope up with the competitors to provide your products and services to the customers you have to be the best in the market with all the advanced and the best features as compared to your competitors so that you can attract as much as customers you want.

Opportunities grab success

Transforming business to online from an offline way is an opportunity to become successful in this world of internet and everyone should grab this opportunity without getting scared of the new technologies and ideas as there are many new helpful websites and organizations as well to have an online presence of your business which helps you a lot if you don’t have any single idea about it.

Online business is cost and time-efficient as it reduces the cost which isn’t possible in an offline business because an offline business requires customer service staff but receiving orders online reduces the need for it. With comprehensive sales and product information online, we’ll simply receive purchase orders and payments via email. Staff numbers, office space, and related office expenses can be reduced.


ShapeMyApp can help you!!

Transforming your business from an offline mode to an online mode is practically costly in the market today. Because of the fact that it is an ongoing trend in the market.

But don’t you worry ShapeMyApp provides you the same benefits in a very cost-effective way than any other app creators right up in the market.

ShapeMyApp helps you to give your business an online presence at affordable prices which is the best thing one can do for the expansion of his/her business revenues.

It provides a lot of features to you at cheap prices as compared to the market which helps the businessmen’s to opt for it rather than any other company.

ShapeMyApp helps you to create a mobile application of your own business name within the timeless than you can ever imagine. They can give you an application within 5minutes. And also they give you access to create your own application according to your own taste, preference, etc.

ShapeMyApp Features

ShapeMyApp provides a whole lot of features to their customers at a price lower than ever imagined by a businessman to transform his/her business online. They promise to create your application with the lowest price and also they guarantee to give not equal but five times the difference in the form of user money if you find someone else in the market making your business app in less than they are offering.

Real-Time Update

ShapeMyApp provides you real-time tracking about your customers, products, sales, stocks, etc. on your very own dashboard.

Best layout

It provides a customizable application with a powerful and attractive layout that attracts the customers at its best.

Pre-written codes available

It is an application builder that has pre-written codes with the help of which a non-technical and layman can also make their apps easily on their own.

Creates Brand Image

It helps in creating a brand image and a brand name on social media at a lower cost than the market which helps the customers to know about your brand or business.


It is time-efficient as it does not require the salesperson to sit in one place and sell the products. Everything happens through the internet.

The online presence of your business helps you to serve your customers a better way than in the offline market so transform your business from offline to online using ShapeMyApp. There are so many features of ShapeMyApp at lower prices than the market.

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