In this digitized era, running a business all offline is definitely a tough and humongous task. To simply and reach out to distant customers, we a business needs apps, websites for interacting with end users. These make the business expand on a large scale. But these pieces of stuff are easier said than done. There are many challenges that come across while creating a business app. Developers, entrepreneurs and businessmen need to cope with these troubles to run the business and progress smoothly. Some mammoth-esque questions one should ask themselves while making a business app are-

1. The layouts. Designing the layout is one tough task. Deciding which layout would be user-friendly. Making things easy for users are one big problem. Since more easier the user interface, more acceptable it is to the user. Since the user is the one who would be one interacting.

2. The theme of their business. Is the theme of the app depicting your business? Does user understand your business just by looking at your app? This should be done precisely.

3. What is the aim of the app? Is it for e-commerce? Is it about selling the product online? Or is it just for advertising?

4. What would one want if they are the end user? What would you like on an app? Keeping this in mind, the app should be customised.

5. Is my app too laggy? Keeping the codes clean and simple should do the trick. Many users have outdated smartphones that would be some trouble while running the app. Would your app run lag free on their devices?

6. Is it user-friendly? Friendly enough for people not too knowledgeable about using apps to make it easy for them as well?

7. Are the services mentioned in your app practically available on your business? If no, then it should be mentioned when it would be available.

8. Third party links should be cleared and it should not be offensive to any organisation.

9. The popups, notifications. Are they not disturbing? Notifications sometimes become too disturbing for users which results in uninstalling of apps. Make sure users are not much troubled by this.

10. Then after the development of the app, the question arises, how would my app be delivered to the people? How would one advertise about the app? How would people know about this app?

11. The next big question is encryption. How strongly your app is encrypted. Since there are much many malware ready to attack the app. Security should be a big concern.

12. How would the app tackle competition? The app should be enough attractive to stand out or at least give competition to other businesses in the market.

13. The app should be a bridge between the seller and the user. Is the app doing the same? Are the users able to contact the company without much hustle through the app?

13. The customer service of the app should be available 24x7. Is this ready?

14. Is the database strong? Is it secure enough?

15. Is my app systemic? Rouge and rough app drive away the consumers.


After asking all these questions. And solving the problems. One's app should be user ready. Launching should be done effectively. Once the app is launched. It should be properly advertised for the public to know about it. Finally when the app is done and running. Proper maintenance should be done. Updates should be regular. Check on that. Since many competitors would be eyeing on you. Outrunning them is a huge task but it's important.

Shapemyapp covers all the above mentioned points for you so that you focus on your earning through selling your goods/services.

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