The 21st century is the era of science, revolution and technology. The world is changing in a span of seconds and everything that once seemed impossible to accomplish is now in our hands.

We are dwelling in the time where we go beyond books for knowledge, classrooms for learning and real, grounded marketplaces for promotion and marketing.

Yes, you read that right. With greater advancements and far-reaching ideas, it has become possible for businesses to cease their boundaries and personalise their marketing execution through communication with customers.

Even the big shots, that once relied on all-time real marketplaces for consumer attraction, aren't fettered by the changing custom but has been largely benefited by going online.

Be it any clothing brand like Madame or companies manufacturing domestic products, such as ITC or HUL.

Today, It has become crucial for entrepreneurs to create a virtual marketplace for their business to flourish and have a lasting impact on their customers.

Online business creates a realm of opportunities for sellers and service providers by creating online shops, managing orders and offering one-click services.

What's a more convenient way to market your brand than placing it right there in the pocket of the customers, their smartphones.

According to the statistics, consumers around the globe have spent $100 billion in or on mobile applications in 2018 which surely means that the businesses can generate an ample amount of revenue through going online without spending your lifetime of savings on marketing and promotions.

Go Online With Your Business.

An online platform efficiently creates windows to promote your brand worldwide and to create an in-hand experience for consumers to revert back and make purchases again. Moreover, 42percent of small businesses are catering to the needs of customers by providing their services online through mobile applications or websites and 30percent are planning to invest in building them.

Push notifications, timely and desired updates through emails and messages, simply reminders boost personalized marketing channels for customers which drive them to rely on the brands for future services. One can easily retain a big consumer market through constant engagements and interactions. Furthermore, it encourages more customer feedbacks and can endure the performance of a brand by contemplating loopholes.

The market analysis becomes finer and fitter, online. The online marketplace is more adaptable to fads and changes than local businesses. You remain updated and informed with the latest trends, market competitions and technologies that can boost or harm your business. You can survive recessions and credit crunches easily than your fellow competitors. With a wider consumer target-base, even the downturns won't be affecting you much and you can play safe as a whole.

With globalisation, online business has taken a quick toll and greater professionalism. Buyer-Seller interactions have become a way more realistic and advantageous. With globalisation, online business has taken a quick toll and greater professionalism. Buyer-Seller interactions have become a way more realistic and advantageous.

Encouraging more people to grow online can lead to a global market, in pace with a better economy and as well as the fallacy and fallouts.

Keeping in checks with changes and needs of small-scale businessmen, the concept of shape my app came into light. The idea behind shape my app was to provide a personalised experience for the entrepreneurs and businesses by creating master apps for their business and promote their idea of selling to customers.

We are happier to serve you so that you can serve others.



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