More and more businesses are using M-commerce platforms to increase sales and are benefitting because of this very decision. Running a mobile app for business would not only guarantee a profit but would also result in many more advantages such as loyal customers.

Let us now see what all exactly M-commerce has to offer and why going Mobile is important for any business to thrive.

1. Better customer experiences and feedback.

Customers are the reason a business works and their experience and feedback only help the business in achieving the next level of better. The majority of people are familiar with the function of a smartphone and are thus familiar with how to navigate within an app. In addition to buying the product, the customers can share their satisfaction or happiness with their friends. Comfortable and smooth customer experience results in loyal customers and they even refer the app to their close people.

To satisfy the customers, the app must be fast, user-friendly, Interactive and customizable settings.

For a customer, the best benefit of such M-commerce apps is the simplicity and the speed paired with the convenience of being able to use the app on the go.

2. Push Notifications.

This is one of the many things that websites cannot do and thus lacks behind when compared to the app of the same company/business. Push notifications allow the business to develop a direct connection with the customers. While websites might be able to send e-mails to the customers, but who checks their e-mails so regularly? While one checks any notification they get on their phone almost immediately. Push notification is instant and keeps the impatient customers updated about the products they have bought or wish to buy. It keeps the customers updated with the upcoming offers and products similar to what they have bought previously.

3. Personalized content.

No two humans are the same and everyone varies in their choices. Mobile apps present the user with content similar to what they have been searching or have bought previously. This saves the user’s time and also lures them into buying things from the options they are given. An app tracks the user’s behavior and gathers customer’s preference data. It presents the customer with the content of their choice and also presents them with offers for the same kind of products they usually browse.

4. Cheaper yet more effective.

Mobile apps allow the business to reach the audience faster and allow the business to cut down money used for campaigning. Apps even allow the business to place ads within it and thus reach more audience at very minimal cost spent in placing their ads. App development, management, support, and updates are cheaper and easier as compared to that of a website. Adding the customer data to the equation, one can boost their business by 30%.

5. Faster experience.

Mobile apps are usually faster than the website of the very same business. It doesn’t require pulling data from a server and thus customers can browse and purchase faster.

mobile application

With Mobile presence, businesses provide the customer to have an easier and faster experience that results in revenue rising up to 20-30% at the very least. Now, is mobile presence important or not, choose on your own.



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