The world is changing in a heap of seconds. From getting hired to hiring others, the scenario of business and economy has shifted rapidly. 
There is a whale of freelancers and entrepreneurs with online startups surrounding us. The ease of earning money online, either through freelancing or online business has led to more and more people to take up such roles while being at home. 
It's a kind of part-time money- making hours, you often spent in scrolling your news feeds or watching TV.


What are Online Jobs?

Prior to logical definitions, online jobs are kind of work from home jobs while using your desktop or telephone, depending upon the requirements. People are going really mad for freelancing since it allows to work at your own ease and generate money while being home.

What basically online business means. 

The online business incorporates the world of internet only and makes profits from the sales of goods online. They include digital marketing, online advertising or delivering promotional messages over phones.
It's hard to choose between an online job and entering the world of online business. 

 1. Re/checking your schedule 

Your online job is going to make you packed for the whole day making little time for adjustments. It vividly dominates your day. They may be paying you a little more but will impose a horrific schedule to obey.
The case is slightly different from online business. You work at your own timings. Moreover, you have the supreme authority to shuffle your priorities and re-schedule them according to your needs.
 You never remain bounded to someones else's orders and rules.

 2. Being an employee or an employer

In your business, you are your own master, be it about earning a penny less but at least you tend to work for your own self, not being an employee of someone else.
Online Businesses are more about control and power. You may control your day, don't have anyone to blame you for failures of your work and have the power to take prior decisions with considerations.

 3. Your Stability lies within you.

People tend to choose jobs over startups because they majorly think the jobs will bring them financial and social stabilities.
The notion is being discarded regularly by entrepreneurs in India and overseas.
The stability of your business entirely lies in your efforts, on your shoulders.
Financially going, a business may earn you a lifetime of money, you won't even reach half of while being a freelancer.
With skills, you can achieve the greatest.

 4. Scams! Scams! Scams! 

 People often fall into the traps of online business and invest all of their time and skill in such jobs. These suspected folks are majorly conmen who have no intention of paying you back for your hard work.
For example, you may read something like "Earn Money Online Today, $55-$65 hours, no experience required".
These are pure scams. Such job providers easily allure and fool freelancers to fall in their traps and they constantly push their hours on false hopes. 

Moreover, working for someone else is helping others fulfill their dreams while working for your own self helps you to turn your dreams into reality.

There are difficulties and then, there are solutions. You may get started while designing your own mobile application or website for online business.
We at ShapeMyApp has helped our clients, not only in developing a service-based authentic and user-friendly mobile application for their business but in building good business profiles to reach a perfect customer base too.
All our apps are supported by trusted play store platforms and as the name suggests, we are happy to shape your idea through our innovation.

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