Banking has made its way on our phone and now people are used to performing transactions or track savings and payments simply via a mobile banking application. But this popularity of mobile banking doesn’t mean that all such apps gain popularity. So let us look at what features do users look for in a mobile banking app and what results in a particular app getting popular among the users.

mobile banking

Customer support

An app must have a feature that allows the user to ask for help regarding how to use the app and other features. It should be 24/7 and must give an instant reply. For such features, usually, AI is used, like intelligent chatbots. This would allow the user to have assistance anytime and anywhere.  


The app has the ability to perform payments and transactions and is usually linked to the user’s bank account. So the app must ensure secure sign-in and before the transaction, it must ask for some sort of password pin. It must have multi-factor authentication but it shouldn’t mean that it becomes too time-consuming or complicated to do. Maybe add fingerprint feature or Face recognition or eye scanning verification or as simple as patterns or pin, anything that ensures the security of the user. It also must provide a method to regain the authority of the account in case the passwords have been forgotten.

Bank account management

 After all, it’s a mobile banking app and it primarily focuses on banking and thus it must have a feature that allows the user to monitor their cards and bank accounts, check their balances and transaction histories and make transactions happen.

ATM Locator

The app must have a feature that helps the user with locating the nearest ATM or a branch. It has been counted as one of a very useful feature but not all mobile banking apps originate from being a physical bank, so this feature is not usually found or searched for in every mobile banking app. It is usually present in apps that originate as an online or mobile presence of a known physical bank that has ATM or branches around the place the app is available.

QR code scanning

The app also must have a feature that would ensure fast payments. QR code scanning is usually famous and searched for the feature that allows the user to undergo an easy, fast and convenient way to perform the transaction. Usually, such apps have in-built QR code scanners.


Anyone who uses a smartphone knows how important notifications are and would agree that every app must have this feature. But it must also allow the user to stop receiving a notification if they wish so. The app should allow the user to choose what information they need to be notified for.

For the app to reach a level higher than a regular mobile banking app, it can add extra features such as...

  • Tracking spending habits.
  • Scheduled bills and payments.
  • Cashback.
  • Special offers.
  • Shared finance features.
  • Budgeting.

A well-designed app ensures its own success and popularity among the user-folks.

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