Things to do for better reach of your app.

Every business is meant to succeed be it small or big.

    “Success Comes to the person who constantly looks for it “.

          Shapemyapp allows to shape your app faster and prompter. The benefits of owning an app for your business have become an indispensable thing. Even a small scale business can be elaborated in the digital world using a mobile app.

      An app is getting too personal to your customer. Keeping it handy on the phone makes it personal to them. It gets to your customer closer. It studies the person and they can get notified easily on their needs through push notifications features of the app.

mobile application

     Well, the story should not end just after a mobile app is deployed and ensuring it is functional end to end for your business. The real deal is when it is made to reach as many as people. Promoting the app is another big step to be taken to expand your business.    

                     "Opportunities don't happen. You create them."

                                                                      -- Chris Grosser.

 Below are some of the effective ways to promote your app.


 When you have a website, it is not enough to just mention it on the home page, instead just write a complete blog about the app like a story. Daily or weekly blogs can have the last lines having an action to open the link to the app store

Do not rely on a single app store:

                 Not just google play store there are many app stores such as Amazon Appstore, AppBrain, opera Mobile store, Slide me, Getjar and their platform pave the way to increased visibility and hence there are more chances for download.

 Social media and Demo video:

 While introducing the app to your circle on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites it can be done with a video demonstrating on the complete working of it. Videos are influential tools as people always prefer video content to written ones. You will nail it if you end up making a viral video. Some of the key points while making video

  • High definition video is always recommended,
  • Catchy introduction about your business
  • Covering the main idea at first and later on the fine details.


Enticing App icon:

It is just like the sweets in the sweet shop that entices you before you tend to buy it. The catchy app icon always increases the possibility of download amongst other apps when searched.


Last but not least knowledge about ASO is a must. ASO means App Store Optimization. Just like SEO –Search Engine Optimization which is about making the website get better rank on a search engine, ASO is about making an app get top rank in an app store.  Survey says more than 60 % of app discovery and downloads occur by search on the app stores. In this App era, for a particular objective or for the same type of business there are many apps developed. By implementing ASO techniques, app search results bring your app on the top and hence it is sure to get more installs. The Key Components of ASO techniques includes

  • Optimization of the keywords in the metadata of the app.
  • Optimization of title and description with keywords.
  • Providing on pitch App Screenshots and preview video
  • Timely updates to the app
  • App indexing
  • Maintaining a big list of positive reviews

There are numerous optimization tools available in the market such as Mobile Action, Sensor Tower, Appbot, AppFollow, App Annie and it goes on.

So, it doesn’t end with shaping and customizing your app. Improved performance of the app is a vicious circle and involves constant effort.

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