SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the best way to increase traffic on your website by optimizing the website to get free or organic traffic from the search engine results. It involves making some changes to the website that makes it more noticeable for the search engine to list in the results to the user. The basic function of the search engine is to provide the user with the best service and the website thus needs to be THAT good and noticeable for the search engine that it provides the website in the search results.

SEO began its journey with the launch of the first website in 1991.

The search engine scans the websites to know what the site is about. This helps them in delivering the most relevant content to what is searched by the user. The user usually types the keywords of the content they wish to see and the search engine uses these keywords in searching for the most appropriate website.

SEO is thus a process that is used by the organization to make sure that the website ranks high in the search engine for relevant keywords. Usually, the user would be searching for what they want by writing the topic of the content. For instance, if one person wishes to know how SEO works, they would simply type ‘How does SEO work?’ on the search bar. The search engine would use words like ‘SEO’ and ‘work’ together and would try to bring out the best and most relevant sites. The search engine would be scanning the websites for the presence of those very words. So if any website has a post based on SEO it must be named with this very word that would act as a keyword for the users searching for it.


The process of SEO is not a one-time thing, with time it needs regular tuning and updating and maintenance. So what are few of the things that one needs to make sure of and tricks to use for using SEO successfully?


One needs to focus on what the website is about and think about what word they would use to search for their very own site? There needs to be a proper list made with the best and most searched for keywords that can be used on the website. There should be a reviewed analysis of the competitive sites and the top search result options. These keywords or phrases must be spelled properly and wrong grammar must be avoided because Google would be correcting the user’s searches but wouldn’t be coming to correct the mistakes made within the website.


The website must have proper page titles, properly describing, by using a few words, what the entire page is about. This would not only help the search engine in tracking the page or relevance but would also make it easier for the user.


Like everything else, the trendy keywords would be dethroned to new keywords and the website optimizer must regularly test the keywords. This could be done by using sites that are specifically made for this job. They should assess the keywords’ performance and use the words that are most successful.

Sounds easy right?


SEO is known to be a complicated process but to be able to gain the traffic that is needed for an E-commerce site to properly succeed, SEO is a must step without which the work is done in any particular E-commerce site might even go in the drain.



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