Before looking at the limitations of M-Commerce, let us first know what is M-Commerce.

M-Commerce in simple words is mobile commerce. It is a commercial transaction that is conducted electronically with the help of mobile phones. Or we can say, it is the buying and selling of services through electronic devices such as mobile phones. So, now that we have phones for almost every purpose, how cannot we take this into account! After all, at this age the mobile phone is life.

M-Commerce features mobile banking, online markets, digital wallets, etc. The sectors most affected by M-Commerce are- banking, telecommunications and information services.

limitations of m-commerce

But everything has its own disadvantages as well. Here are some of the major drawbacks of M-Commerce:

1. Security Concerns

Security Concerns are one of the most crucial aspects of M-Commerce. There are still doubts about the security of M-Commerce. People fear their loss of personal data. They are always concerned about their credit card's number and bank account number which they use while using mobile commerce. There are several issues of trust ranging from personal information to business information. Confidentiality and security issues are still questioned.

2. Habituate of People

Conservative people are a constant rebel for any kind of new technology and they deny to get into it. Many people ignore to adopt the new technologies as they do not want to come out of their comfort zone, and for many people, it is difficult and takes a lot of time to adopt new technologies. Some people are still unaware of online payments and markets.

3. Limitations of Smart Phones

Who wants to discimdisc their eyes? Actually, no one. It becomes a bit difficult for people to navigate on a small screen. The mobile is not as titanic as a computer screen or a TV screen. It can exhaust people plus it consumes time and affects the business.

4. Connectivity Issues

For M-Commerce you need a fast internet connection. Access to the internet through mobile phones is interrupted by slow transmission speeds. For M-Commerce slow transmission speeds can be a big barrier. And even if one person has a speedy connection then the problem it that it is not available in every geographical area which makes it difficult for the people of that area to take the benefits of M-Commerce.

5. Fraud Risk

The risk of fraud in M-Commerce is big. Many marketers are not prepared enough to deal with it. 

6. Lack of Services in Rural Areas

There is still a lack of availability of mobile devices and internet connections in rural areas. Remote areas don't even know about these things as they are isolated from the world. You can now assume on your own that if they don't know what internet is how are they supposed to have any kind of understanding about Mobile commerce.


M-Commerce comes with a lot of advantages such as a rapid expansion of business, better consumer data, easy store access, creates a new marketing channel, etc. With better benefits, it has worse drawbacks, and one of the most concerned drawbacks is a security issue. So, one should keep the guidelines in mind and should avoid getting into fraud. 

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