When we think about it, it is five times harder and costlier to attract new customers than it is to retain the existing ones. It takes more time and resources to go out and find new customers than it takes to keep the existing ones happy and satisfied. And as E-commerce is just not a traditional form of business, regular traditional strategies wouldn’t work effectively making them be attracted to the competitor brand. The loyalty of a customer not only increases their revenue from that customer but also results in the loyal customer referring the sites to the people they know and thus bringing in new customers.

What makes the customer unsatisfied? What can we do to make them stay? And what is it that keeps the customers loyal?

A survey suggested that the product quality and customer services keep the customer loyal or drive their loyalty away to other brands or other E-commerce sites.

Focus on quality

The majority of the users have mentioned that the product quality is the main reason why anyone stays loyal to any particular brand. But in an E-commerce environment, it is not possible for the customers to hold and see the product in real life and judge the quality of a product before buying. The E-commerce site must provide with very proper and apt and must tell the customer exactly what they must expect from the product that they have ordered or wish to order.

Welcoming new customers

When new customers sign in to any E-commerce site, they usually need to provide with their E-mail IDs. The E-commerce site must send a cordial and inviting e-mail to the new customers, making them feel welcomed and invited and make them look forward to the future alliances and shopping.

Celebrate customer’s important days

The E-commerce sites should keep in track the customer’s important days such as Birthdays and Anniversaries and should provide them special offers valid on those particular days. This makes the customer feel that the company is personally involved with them and this increases the loyalty of the customers.

Regular offers and rewards

The E-commerce sites must be regular to provide the customers with coupons that would allure the customers to shop more. It must also provide the customers with offers on big festivals such as Diwali or Christmas or end of season sale. It should even devise ways to reward the customers with discounts or gift vouchers or coupons in exchange for reaching a certain benchmark of spending or buying products from that particular websites.

Reward loyalty by User personalized content

Reward users by saving their time and providing them with personalized content based on their activity, browsing history and previous products they have bought or added in the cart or wishlist.


Such features encourage the customer to not only stay loyal to this particular brand, but it also makes them want to purchase more items and in turn increase the company’s revenue. When customers are satisfied and have a happy experience with such sites that not only make them loyal to e-commerce but also make them share their experience with other people and bring new customers in.

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