E-commerce is defined as electronic commerce is usually considered as buying and selling of goods online. Not many people know, it also includes the exchange of information, data or doing some sort of transactions on a website. It is usually the commercial transactions happening online. It can be commercial transactions of any nature like Business to business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) or Consumer to Consumer (C2C) and etc.



Now coming to the selling of goods, the goods on e-commerce has many types too:

1. Retail products

2. Wholesale products

3. Products to deliver (delivery services)

4. Money (raising funds)

5. Subscriptions

6. Actual or Physical products

7. Services

8. Digital products like courses and all

Regulation of Indian Government


In India, it is the Information Technology Act 2000 which entirely regulates Indian E-commerce. And in India, it has been seen that the Indian market for e-commerce has increased enormously. According to the facts, e-retail sales are expected to increase to 4.88trillion US dollars in 2021 while sale for Brick and mortar sales would only increase 2% worldwide.


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M-Commerce also known as Mobile commerce is a type of e-commerce. It’s just all the e-commerce transactions are done on mobiles instead of websites. And here comes the facility of Mobile Apps thus facility to create them brought by our app shapemyapp.com

But Why E-commerce?

Well Means for each one of us having Brick and Mortar stores, if we are doing successful business there, why come online? There could be so many things coming our way to go online:

1. Already loyal customer coming to our store, we may lose them

2. Variety available to customers on our store

3. Easy to reach for consumers through the address

4. No proper knowledge of us to operate online and etc.

But believe it, all these aspects are cancelled by e-commerce and M-commerce thus helping you to achieve it by our app…shapemyapp.com


Let’s take one by one:

1. (Already loyal customer coming to store)

The loyal customers can now easily go to your app and see all your products and just order them online thus making them refer to people even sitting faraway place to your store and making other people download your app too and purchase goods from there

2. (Variety available to customers)

Ever faced a problem for a product which customer may ask but it's not available due to sold off that no. of pieces. Guess what, every variety now can be displayed to customer and delivery time can be showed such that giving us time to get that rare product and send it to customer and guess what if luck works warehouse of that rare product maybe even near to that customers address and thus the customer gets the rarest product very quickly, thus increasing the variety of our every good.

3. (easy to reach for consumers through address)

Oh!! This is too easy…..What would be easier for a customer to buy the product on the phone by sitting on their bed in their rest time or coming to the store at the same time and take that product

4. (No proper knowledge of us to operate online)

Well that’s where we are, that is our app shapemyapp comes….create your app through us and we will here to assist you and as well as we are giving you free training with creating an app for you to how to operate it. So simple run fast….purchase our product (a personalised selling app for you and earn to operate it and have huge revenue for a whole lifetime)

And these are just a few….trust me….I have tried and tested it…try it…and you will soon have those huge revenues flying in….


Start making your mobile app Now.


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