M-Commerce also known as Mobile Commerce is buying and selling of goods through Phones.

It is also referred to as one step ahead of e-commerce. And the best benefit of M-commerce is no place is needed to sit and access the laptops or computers to operate the business….just our phone is enough.



Major industries affected by M-Commerce have been:

Banking or Financial Services: The Mobile Banking has made banking such an easier task to conduct our financial transactions nowadays that we can transfer money from 1 account to another by even sitting in a bus or a train.

Telecomm.: Any plan of our mobile connection can easily be seen online and purchased….our each service provider has a personalised app to even pay our mobile bills

Service/retail: shopping online while m commuting from Noida to Gurgaon is a major time pass for me on my phone and it is for most of us…Isn't it? And what about getting Salon Services at our own Urban Clapp app

Information: Major Examples of this industry is: online app for Time of India and other newspapers or regular Traffic updates through notifications on our phone

And not to forget, Haven't We Business Owners have small facilities for our customers like….registering ourselves on Google Maps so our Customers can find our store easily or Provided the facility of Barcode Scanning to our customers so Bills can be generated automatically and much quicker so why Not give our customers facility of having our store in their phones itself…




While M-Commerce serves best customer experience plus facilitates e-commerce in the best way. It has been predicted that M-Commerce revenue will increase $189 Billion by 2020.





1. More number of Customers: People will have more access to the app as they can access it even sitting on their toilet seats while doing their daily routine hence more customers

2. More Sales: Come on, More customers..obviously More revenue…More money…more profits…..

3. More wider range of customers: Now customers accessing our app on the website can easily show their purchases to other and refer them quickly thus making their friends and relatives downloading the app…seeing the products and doing shopping

4. Easy Payment….More purchases: Nowadays people have already facility of mobile banking so they can easily make payments and very quickly for purchasing the product thus making the customers do more shopping and thus making them loyal to our store

5. Direct approach to customers: customers feel more related to stores through their phone as apps are the summarised version where every thing is available at just a one thumb distance and any preference of customer can be facilitated with just 1 thumb distance of customer on app

6. Reduce Costing: The purchase and investment and maintenance of apps is much easier and cheaper than maintenance of websites and complications brought from it




Everything is going mobie…every customer….so why not Businesses? Why wait for our customer to come to us…Lets go catch them at their personalised them and make their hobby into our sales and revenues…

With most of population having not just phones but even smartphones….lets take out the benefit of it and grab them at their best…Adopt this best strategy and we are good to go….

And FOR THAT TO REMIND YOU AGAIN…WE HAVE OUR OWN PERSONALISED FRIEND….SHAPEMYAPP.COM….use it and make your strategies…profits…customers…summarisingly dream of large business into reality…HURRY!!


-- Aayushi Bansal.


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