So, this is an era of mobile phones where almost everyone owns a mobile phone. It has enabled us to do most of our tasks with our running fingers.

Mobile phones are a great friend of newly established businesses in the market. It gives us access to both- apps and websites. But it creates a dilemma for those with less investment in the business, whether they should go for an app or a website. It is totally a personal choice, but recent studies show that today's generation prefers apps over websites.


Here are a few points about why one should go for an app:

1. Ease of sending notifications

 Earlier, e-mail was used to interact with the customers. It was used more than anything else. It became a major business tool. But over time, it degraded and lost its charm and coherence.

Then, entered notifications. The most important appealing part about them is that they are non-intrusive. They do not poke into life often.  Mobile apps offer two types of notifications- in-app and push notifications. Both can be used to communicate in a quick and effective way.

2. More time on apps

According to a recent study, people acquiring mobile phones spend 86% of their time on apps (this could be a gaming app or any other) and 14% on websites. And it is also noticed that the average time a person spends on his mobile is increasing rapidly.

3. Speedy than websites

As you know, apps keep your choices annd preferences with them, so those stores preferences can save users' time as sometimes apps take the actions on the behalf of the users. And it is worth noting that apps generally reserve or accumulate their data sectionally on mobiles, while websites deploy web servers for this purpose. Due to this, apps are enbaled to perform data retrieval fastly. 

also, mobile websites put into service JavaScript codes to perform almost every function. And the codes that mobile apps utilize have the ability to perform five times faster.

4. Use of mobile features

Apps have the advantage of employing mobile GPS, camera, compass, etc. These characteristics could add more fun and experience to your interactions.

This feature reduces the efforts and time of the users. Consider this example. Suppose, for your bank's official work your app is demanding certain documents for the fulfillment of the criteria. So, at those times you can just click the pictures of the documents through your mobile phone's camera and submit it rather than going to the bank and standing and waiting in a long queue for your turn.


5.  Offline work

Without any doubt, this is one of the major advantages of mobile apps. They do work on the internet but there are some basic tasks that can be performed offline. While to work on a website you have to make sure that you have access to the internet connection.

6. Regular Encounter

After installing an app, the user regularly has an encounter with the app, it reminds him/her of the app and its benefits and programs.


It is totally a personal choice whether you want an app or a website. Both have their own pros and cons. So, it is totally up to you what you want.











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