A business may kickstart positively on an E-commerce platform and may even have the beginner’s luck but for it to have a continuous growth it needs to publicize itself. As this time of business is very much different from traditional commerce, it also needs to use a different method that would target potential E-commerce customers. That is when Digital marketing comes into play for any E-commerce.


Digital marketing is a subset of Marketing that is used to promote something using electronic technologies.

It has become as important to get new customers as it is to keep the present customers satisfied. For these E-commerce sites, it has become essential for them to grab customer’s attention. Digital marketing focuses on using appropriate marketing tactics to make it easier for these E-commerce sites. People now spend more time staring at their phones than looking at the hoardings around. So it is marketing in the online platforms that actually work nowadays.


Few of the most important digital marketing channels below:

  1. SEO.
  2. SEM.
  3. Email marketing.
  4. SMM.
  5. Mobile marketing.
  6. Affiliate marketing.
  7. Display advertising.


1. SEO- Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a blessing in disguise as it is the practice of increasing the traffic to your website. It not only increases the traffic visiting the website but it also filtrates the visitors. It works in a way to be found easily by the search engine and makes sure that the website ranks high in the search engines. SEO usually involves making some changes to the website that makes it more noticeable for the search engine to list in the results of the user.

2. SEM- Search Engine Marketing  

SEM is focused on improving the website’s visibility to increase organic search ranking and it provides short term results very quickly. SEM uses paid ad campaigns based on the keywords that users might use to search for some information and for those who might be deliberately searching for the information on the website.

3. Email Marketing

The hype of Email has not yet gone and it is still the best and most effective channel for digital marketing. Emails play an important role in providing a better and satisfying customer experience.

4. Social Media Marketing

It is one of the media that is growing by the hour and is taking over the world. Posting regularly on social media networks such as Instagram and Facebook on a daily basis and they would even pay notice to all others’ posts. This makes it a very useful platform to publicize products and brands.

5. Mobile Marketing

Internet browsing is no more the only way of browsing. People tend to use apps more than ever and the best way for publicizing is to do ad campaigns on such apps. Users behave differently and pay more attention to the ads that come on the apps.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Get the websites to talk about you. Give more people incentives to get them talking about you and as a reward for them bringing sales to your sites. Building an engaged affiliate network will boost your overall revenue by helping spread the word online.

7. Display advertising

Use the availability of new technologies to target relevant visitors. The advertisements must be apt and retarget the right customers.

Marketing is thus essential for all these E-commerce websites and would help in increasing the reach and revenue and bring traffic to the websites.

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