An app is a computer application/ software program that is essentially created to benefit and aid the user in performing functions that otherwise would be very cumbersome, especially in relation to using the app.



Just as the app is shorter for application, the work YOUR CUSTOMER needs to do to engage in business with you is also lesser and more convenient with an app.

If it’s on their phones, it can reach them faster than if it’s staring them in the face - because where are they staring? At their phones!

  • Time is money.

Your customers, like a majority of the population using mobile phones and computers and utilizing the vast market of e-commerce, want to save time. They want to be able to know your business, engage with it, and share their experiences with it, as soon and as quickly as they can. They want to be comfortable engaging with you, and what’s more comfortable than reaching into your pocket and clicking around a few times and having access to everything they desire?


What makes a company or business stand out is essentially essential to them. Just as brand ambassadors give a face to a brand, an app gives an image and a personalized platform to the same. When your app is personalized to your needs, and thus personalized to your target audience’s needs, you get them to interact more, engage more, and be remembered more.

  • Stick Around. Be Noticed.

“We want a good brand, with an easy to use the application, and we want it whenever we want it.”

- The customers.

When you have an application, you not only stand a chance to be noticed more but also to stick around in the limelight, as now you are readily and easily accessible with the click of a button! Does it not get better when someone can simply open your app and show it to someone rather than explaining everything themselves? Yes, it does!

  • Statistics Prove It.

There are more than 2.7 billion smartphone users in the world, and these users spend 90% of their phone time on apps. Consumers downloaded more than 178 billion apps in 2017. Mobile app revenues are predicted to reach around $189 billion by 2020.

Do we really need to convince you anymore?

The stats have said it, the customers have said it, having an app is just better than not having an app!

E-commerce exists without apps, why should we get an app if we are already an e-commerce business?

Firstly, effective apps can work much easier and smoother than websites - the customers don’t need to be using a search engine to reach you, they are exclusively focusing on you when they reach you through an app.

 Get an App for my business

Reasons why apps are a better option than websites

You might be wondering why you should get an app if you already have a website. Here’s some data that might convince you -

  • Statistical data shows that users spend only 14% of their time on websites as opposed to 86% of their time on apps.  


  • Less intrusive notifications and higher response rate - the availability of in-app and push notifications allows more business to user interactions and encourages regular action on the app, hence ensuring higher engagement than with websites.


  • Higher engagement with users through mobile features and system aids like the camera, SMS or calls, other apps, etc.


  • Speed: apps over websites - the app can store user choices/preferences and also uses local storage spaces for the data collected and, making it much easier to retrieve this data as well - hence being much faster than websites.

App for my business

Well, seems like we’ve come to the end of the article. Now there’s only one way for you to really know whether apps are a boon or a bane to your business, and we have a solution for that as well -

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