When anyone looks up for a start-up what are the questions that come in their minds?

  1. Will my business reach a particular number of people?
  2. Will I be able to get the revenue I am expecting?
  3. Will people get to know about my business?
  4. Will I be able to compete in this competitive market?

These are some of the questions which everyone who is planning to get a start-up will definitely think o once before getting a start-up. These things put a person into a great pressure and that pressure might make them scared of taking steps for their business which might be beneficial for their business which is definitely not a good thing for business. One of the biggest mistakes done by businessmen is poor marketing. Marketing is something that makes people aware of your business. People must know you have a business that exists. Business is all about marketing obviously your business is not going to work if people don’t know you exist. The solution for this is a good marketing strategy. And when it comes to making people aware of something the first thing that comes in mind is the internet. Today we live in a world where everyone needs convenience and for that one of the best things we have is the internet. Almost everything in this world sells online through social media, websites, apps, etc. Now a day nobody wants to go out to buy or do anything everybody needs things by sitting at their own places and in the most convenient way they can have it. And at that time all they remember is the internet. Taking business online in today’s world is more of a need than a choice. Every large scale industry you see has a successful online presence. Online business gives you a chance to provide better service to the clients and allow you to solve their problems easily. You can stay connected to the clients/customers in a very easy way. Most of the public is present on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. when your business has an online presence you can easily promote your business on these platforms where you can get a huge public to look forward to your business. An online business can increase your revenue and can also increase your offline store business because of the web rooming these days people can reach out to your product before even reaching you. With so much competition today incorporate field nobody can afford to be left behind. And social media is the platform from where most of the promotions are received.



It’s not only you who is selling that product in the market there are hundreds of other people sitting in the market selling the same product. There is a lot of competition in the market today and in this much competition, only that will survive who will be waking with the changing era. And those who will still be doing business with those same traditional ways of business sitting in the market waiting for customers to come will stay at the same place they are today because the generation has gone very far. In an Online business you don’t have to wait for customers to come to you they will come to your digital store through their smartphones at a single touch and will view your products which are already there in a portfolio or range. Which will allow your customers to view your other products too rather than the product they’ve come to buy which might increase the chance of getting your other products sold as well. In this fast moving world, you have to move fast too. Only those will survive in this market who will successfully cope up with the world.

What online presence can you give to a start-up?

First of all, you can provide far better services to your customers through your online store. It is quite difficult to provide customer 24x7 services in an offline business but a lot easy with an online business in many ways such as 24x7 chat support and many other ways.

Also online platform removes the geographical barriers that mean in an offline store there is a limitation of customers who will visit like people who live near your store or their known or sometimes some other person there is always a barrier in offline business while online business remove this barrier because when you have an online platform for your business you can sell your product anywhere you want throughout the country or even in the other countries it removes the geographical barrier.

In a start-up peoples opinion is very important. It is really very important to know what people are thinking about your business or services so when you have an online presence you can also have real time feedback from your customer's hand to hand on your online platform. Also, you can stay connected with your customers by chat support and other services which can be really beneficial. The online presence will get your more customers which means your revenue will automatically increase and increased revenue will also improve your goodwill.

So to get all these benefits in your business join ShapeMyApp today and together we will make your business better.

ShapeMyApp is a platform that gives your business its own online presence which helps your business to grow. It deals with e-commerce and m-commerce world which allows your business to join e-commerce as well as M-commerce.

Apps are the most convenient way of doing anything today and are most preferred by the generation, shape my app allows you to create your own app for your business.

  • It includes everything an app needs to have
  • It is a user-friendly app and can be used without any technical support
  • It is cost-efficient unlike other app designing companies
  • ShapeMyApp provides you 24x7 support services.


So make your smart choice now and take your business to the new heights with ShapeMyApp today.



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