Your Income Depends On Your Philosophy Not Economy

Your income has a lot to do with the way you think. To have a healthy income one needs to have healthy philosophies for life and everything in life.  A person with positive and healthy philosophies will always have a positive perspective towards life and that will lead to a healthy mind. And a wise man once said the right thing  ’A healthy mind is a key to everything ’ rather it's about relationships, your peace, business, health. Everything stays healthy only if you have a healthy mind.  Your philosophy is how you see the world what and how you think about everything around you.  Rather you are in school studying or doing a 9-5 job under someone or doing a business your philosophies your way of thinking leads you further.


There are four pillars of Philosophy:

1.   Theoretical Philosophy (metaphysics and epistemology)

2.   Practical Philosophy (ethics, social and political philosophy)

3.   Logic

4.   History of Philosophy


These four pillars have a lot to do with your life and your success. Every successful man in the history of this world had a different philosophy for life and now when they have left the world they are still remembered for their philosophies.

Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam once said

Dream is not what you see in sleep Dream is something which doesn’t let you sleep.

Here he portrayed Dream as Passion for your goals a passion don’t let you think of anything else rather than your goals.

This was his Philosophy for Dreams which inspired millions of people.

Great philosophers have given us great quotes that are still used by influencers to motivate others. Our mind is a great weapon if we can control our mind we can control anything the power if the mind is still unknown.  Your mindset makes you think about the things you think. Your mindset is different than others that are the reason your way of thinking about one thing is different from others way of thinking for the same thing. If you don’t nourish your mind with the time you will always be standing at the same place you are on. A healthy, Progressive, positive, Successful mindset leads to a healthy, progressive, positive and successful life. Everybody wants to be a Diamond but very few are willing to get cut means ( everybody wants to be successful but out of them very few are ready to give up what it takes to be successful). With the philosophy of an average man, you can not be a millionaire with that same philosophy you will only be that average man you are.

It takes a mindset and philosophy of a millionaire to be a millionaire.

 Philosophy in Business

Every business leader knows to make certain that the company mission and vision statement are clear and well-defined. It is the business philosophy that defines why you are doing things the way you are doing them. It's your philosophy on life and business which decides how you talk to someone how do you react on statements or situations that comes upon you it is your philosophy and mindset that makes you behave in a way you behave in front of others. How you talk, how you behave matters a lot in your success. Your words your behavior shows a lot about what kind of a person are you and business is all about your mind and personality.  Things that cant be done by swords can be done by words because your words put a big impact on others rather it's your client, boss, investor, randoms your words puts a great impact on others. Everybody does business but what really matters is how you do business that’s what separates you from others. To have a huge income you must also have a huge Philosophy. It's not possible to make huge money with the average way of thinking.  Today's era is a technical era you can't be successful if you don’t match its way of thinking. People are much smarter these days so for a businessman its very important to be even smarter to survive. There are people who are still doing business with those same old traditional tactics which are going on for centuries. That time situations were whole different not everyone used to do business there were very limited people who used to do business that time so there wasn’t really a lot of competition unlike today there is a lot of competition in every field those same old traditional tactics cant work in today’s world. This smarter generation needs smarter plans, smarter tactics of business, smarter ways out. Now that’s where your philosophies make a difference whether you keep going on in business with the same ongoing traditional ways or you make new strategies and obtain new ways that match with this generation to do business.

Why is it like senior people who are doing business for a long time are still sitting in the same position while the companies which rose after years are now on top of the world are worldwide MNCs  Why? Ever thought? No?

Those senior people have much more experience but they are still doing business in those traditional ways scared to get into the new tactics of business they are often scared to take step which involves a change or a risk and stays not updated with the new ways of increasing business while Those of start-ups come up with the new business techniques they know what this generation wants and works according to that this is the perfect mindset of doing business you have to be updated with the generation’s needs.  This generation is a technical generation no matter what the work is they will only try to find the most convenient way to get it done. And today if someone says convenience that means the Internet. Everything today is done online now when everything is available on everyone’s touch why would they go out for the same thing.

Today every business no matter what business is it every business has its online presence on the internet this is the main thing for growing business in this generation. Today’s situation is if you want your business to grow your business must have a successful online presence. Every person from a middle-class man to the richest man in the world everyone uses the internet today and everyone prefers the Internet over the offline business. And people do notice your online presence if your business doesn’t have an online presence people might think you are not serious for your business and can also think of your company as a small scale company might not afford an online platform and might think of all the things you don’t want them to think. Your online platform gives people a whole idea about your company or work they can also see your work sitting at home on their finger touch. Today every company or store small scale, large scale, start-ups everybody has their online presence which can increase your revenue soo easily and also through the internet more people will reach you that will also increase your company’s goodwill. With an online business, you can give a lot better services to your customers which will help you with customer satisfaction and hold a good image of your business. Less work is done, increased revenues, improved goodwill more customer satisfaction who doesn’t need all this in their business?


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